The blog name derives from the fact that despite my best efforts, I’ve become a scientist thrice over, in 3 different experimental disciplines. I still remember my first scientific joy; when my chemistry teacher threw a load of periodic elements into water & acid, ‘just to see what happens’. Suffice to say, Franky Cotter taught me that Francium and water should never-ever meet.

Life is about playing around with things, and testing them out- experimentation breeds creativity, innovation, and insight. And nothing makes us happier than just playing around with ideas, brains, or testing them.

Despite all this, I had conceived this blog hundreds of times in my head, but it never seemed to translate it into reality. Why would someone want to read the thoughts of someone on the internet, over the noise of many others. Not least on psychology or politics, when there are thousands of pundits out there on both, and can be a little dry to more.

Yet, some chance encounters with Nature and Bloomberg TV around the time of the 2015 General Election asking about my research gave me pause for thought: what if my knowledge and insight into things psychological and political are useful? It probably isn’t, but if I write this I can maybe avoid my PhD a few weeks longer…

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